Ledyard National Bank First Impression

March 25 , 2009 in Testimonials

New SecurShred customer is initially pleased after transitioning to SecurShred from another shredding company.

The below comments are not from a paid spokesman and the speaker does not guarantee our services:

“Your men were just here doing the shredding. Right off, I noticed the bright, new truck. I know it will get old and dirty, but gleaming in the sun as it did made a great, professional first impression! Your men were also very professional, and I took the opportunity to observe the process. I was thinking of asking if I could see inside the van, although I didn’t want to trouble them. As soon as I got out there, though, they drew my attention to the screen where I could observe the shredding actually occurring, and showed me the view inside the van where the output goes. What will they think of next?!?”

“Finally, I took a moment to go look at the totes they placed out back. Again, nice and new, clearly labeled and locked, and I particularly like the NAID tags right on the buckets. All in all, a very professional service, instilling confidence in the security of the process. I congratulate you, and I know we made the right choice! Thanks!”

Mr. Darcy D. Rogers
Senior Vice President & Chief Operations Officer