Recent Changes to HIPAA

July 17 , 2009 in Industry News

In a recent White Paper, NAID addressed the fact that soon every healthcare operation in the country will be legally required to renegotiate their current Business Associate contracts.

Industry analysts predict that this requirement will put many healthcare destruction contracts into play, with the biggest winners being those firms that are prepared to help the healthcare client through the process.

To read the full White Paper Article article published by NAID click here

The Changes discussed within this analysis that impact the information destruction industry are:

  • The Creation of a new Class of Covered Entities
  • States Attorneys General Now in Charge of Enforcement
  • Fines are increase from $25,000 to $1,500,000
  • Fines are Mandatory for Information Disclosures involving “Willful Neglect”
  • The Creation of the First Health Data Breach Notification Requirement
  • HIPAA Reulations are Now Extended to Business Associates
  • Covered Entities are Required to Evaluate and Revise All Business Associate Contracts

Securshred is NAID Certified and can help your business/organization become compliant! If you have any questions about whether your business complies to the new changes brought down by HIPAA, please call Securshred toll free at 877.863.3003