August Newsletter

August 01 , 2009 in Newsletter

Welcome to the SecurShred Newsletter.
The August 2009 edition incompasses news on SecurShred’s contract with the state of VT, Senator Leahy’s data protection law and thousands of nurses identities threatened.

State Of Vermont Adds E-Cycling and E-Destruction To SecurShred Contract!

The State of Vermont has agreed upon a contract with Shred This Inc. (dba SecurShred) to provide computer equipment recycling and hard drive destruction services to state agencies. SecurShred has met and exceeded Vermont State Requirements for the proper disposal of electronics and paper related media.
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U.S. Senator Leahy Proposes Data Protection Law

Last week, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) introduced the Personal Data Privacy and Security Act of 2009. Among the many ID-Theft-mitigation measures U.S. Senate Bill 1490 contains is a national information destruction requirement.

Senator Leahy is very influential in the Senate and in the Obama administration, which most privacy watchers predict will be very proactive on the issue of data protection. Leahy has called for an overhaul of HIPAA for several years, which in large part led to the strong HITECH provisions added to HIPAA.
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Identities of Nurses Threatened – Files Thrown In Garbage

A story by Amy Clancy of TV station KIRO’s 7 Eyewitness News posted on July 29th reports that thousands of nurses all over the country were at risk for identity theft and didn’t even know it. According to the Seattle-based broadcaster, the State’s Attorney General is still considering how to handle the matter.

The incident came to light when a local retailer complained about unauthorized use of its dumpster, only to discover 30 to 40 boxes containing personal information.
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