Data Protection Legislation Back on Front Burner

December 01 , 2009 in Industry News

Data ProtectionIn mid-November the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee approved both the Personal Data Privacy and Security Act (Leahy, D-VT) and the Data Breach Notification Act (Feinstein, D-CA), sending a clear message that comprehensive info rmation protection legislation is back on the congressional agenda.

Frustration over the fate of numerous proposed data protection bills of a few years back took data protection out of any serious Congressional consideration for the last 2 or 3 years. However, a new administration, and an increased focus on consumer rights has put data protection back on the front burner. Although it is clear that several other issues still dominate the political landscape, many privacy watchers believe once the debate in Washington moves beyond healthcare, and with some improvement on the economic front, the time is ripe for the new administration to move forward on its promises of comprehensive data protection legislation.

In the meantime, NAID will continue to do its best to keep members abreast of developments and exert its influence if and when the time is necessary.