December Newsletter

December 01 , 2009 in Newsletter

Welcome to the SecurShred Newsletter.
The December 2009 edition incompasses news on SecurShred’s environmentally safe computer & electronics recycling service, data protection legislation back on the front burner and a story on how confidential paperwork was used as confetti after the Yankees victory parade!*

SecurShred Services Include Environmentally Safe Computer & Electronics Recycling!
Recycling your electronic waste is the right solution for today and our future. SecurShred is a regional provider that E-cycles computer and other electronic equipment in a safe manner for commercial businesses and consumers on a regular basis. We collect E-waste and E-cycle goods throughout our service territory. Simple for you, better for our environment. We securely destroy electronic storage media and responsibly recycle computers and other electronic hardware and components.
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Data Protection Legislation Back on Front Burner!
In mid-November the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee approved both the Personal Data Privacy and Security Act” (Leahy, D-VT) and the Data Breach Notification Act (Feinstein, D-CA), sending a clear message that comprehensive info rmation protection legislation is back on the congressional agenda.
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Confidential Paperwork Used as Confetti After Yankees Victory!
Nov 7, 2009- Overzealous office workers in New York City reportedly began throwing confidential documents out the window during a recent parade celebrating the Yankees’ World Series victory. Included in the material were pay stubs and other documents containing sensitive personal financial data. One firm reprimanded a worker, and Downtown Alliance spokesperson James Yolles emphasized that parade organizers “urge people not to use prior documents or anything inappropriate” as confetti during a parade.
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