Securshred Destroys more than just Paper!

February 01 , 2010 in SecurShred in the News

Data Protection Securshred is AAA certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) for mobile and plant-based paper media, hard drive destruction and non-paper media.

For most, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of secure shredding is destroying confidential paper documents. Though this is true, confidential information can be found on more than just paper. Take for instance, plastic medicine bottles. The label on that bottle contains names, addresses, insurance information and more. To help keep your identity safe, anything containing personal information needs to be destroyed.

Recently, SecurShred helped a company destroy thousands of outdated medical reference text books. Rather than release outdated information to the public, the text books were securely shredded and recycled.

Securshred has even helped destroy hundreds of thousands of confiscated cigarettes. Since they could not be re-sold, they needed to be destroyed.

The following is a small list of material (other than paper) SecurShred has securely destroyed for clients:

  • Pill bottles
  • Books
  • Packaging
  • Products
  • X-rays
  • Printer and fax ribbon
  • Plastic identification cards and badges
  • Micro media (microfilm and microfiche)
  • Electronic storage media (Hard drives, backup tapes, CDs and DVDs, Diskettes, Video and audio tape, etc.)

SecurShred has the capability of securely destroying a wide variety of materials. Please call 802.863.3003 if you have any questions on how SecurShred can help destroy your sensitive materials.