Woman Gets Prison Over Irving TX Teachers Id Theft

March 01 , 2010 in Industry News

ID THEFTState District Judge Mike Snipes sentenced Sharon Denise Seeley, 40, for her role in the identity theft of numerous current and former Irving schoolteachers.

Seeley pleaded guilty, and the judge gave her two years apiece for two counts of credit card abuse and 30 years for fraudulent use or possession of identifying information. She will serve those sentences concurrently and could be up for parole in about eight years.

Seeley told police that the personal information came from a binder that was thrown into a school district dumpster that held the social security numbers of up to 3,200 current and former employees. School district officials said about 103 victims have contacted them.

Three teachers spoke in court today about how the theft impacted their lives. Many shared that they suffered health-related problems. They also detailed thousands of dollars in charges in their names that wrecked their credit. Seeley had their home addresses, and they believe that she and others even waited at their residences to intercept deliveries of items they had ordered. Irving police originally arrested her in January 2009 at Irving Mall after she tried making purchases at Sears in the name of teacher Shellie Pearce.

In court, she apologized, saying that she was addicted to methamphetamine and turned to crime to pay for her habit and support her daughter.

Many teachers are still upset with the school district, which is in the process of compensating them for damages.

“It’s affected my health, my family time, my energy and my trust of strangers,” said teacher Dawn Bizzell. “Those of us who are victims have been given a life sentence. We’re having to pay the price forever.”