January Newsletter 2010

January 01 , 2010 in Newsletter

SecurShred Newsletter – January 2010

Customers Praise Securshred’s Document Imaging Service!
“It was the best cold call that I’ve ever received. I wish SecurShred had scanned our documents a long time ago. We’ve gained space in our office and streamlined the document retrieval process.” – Joshua Lobe, Lobe and Fortin, PLC
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Green Light: New Data Protection Law Likely Coming Soon!
Perhaps the most significant proposed piece of privacy legislation yet, The Personal Data Privacy and Security Act of 2009, went to the full Senate in early November. While other issues in Washington currently garner the lion share of congressional and public attention, this New York Times editorial says that Senate leaders should find the time to vote on it. Sponsored by Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy, the bill “would put more protections in place for personal data” and would fill the gap in federal data protection legislation.
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Medical ID Theft On The Rise!

The recession has contributed to a rise in medical identity theft, and the problem is expected to worsen as more health records are stored online, reports the Wall Street Journal. “Medical identity theft is the fastest-growing form of identity theft,” says Jim Quiggle of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud. Most of the fraud occurs at the hands of healthcare workers who are paid to sell patients’ information, the report states. Incidents of medical identity fraud are highest in states with large retiree populations. Experts advise consumers to monitor their medical and credit records, keep insurance cards private and avoid providing personal information over the phone.
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