February Newsletter 2010

February 01 , 2010 in Newsletter

SecurShred Newsletter – February 2010

SecurShred Destroys More Than Just Paper!
For most, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of secure shredding is destroying confidential paper documents. Though this is true, confidential information can be found on more than just paper. Take for instance, plastic medicine bottles. The label on that bottle contains names, addresses, insurance information and more. To help keep your identity safe, anything containing personal information needs to be destroyed.
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Mortgage Broker Fined $35k for Improperly Discarding Customer Information!
A mortgage broker who discarded customer information into a publicly accessible dumpster settled with the FTC, garnering a $35,000 fine and other penalties. The broker, Gregory Navone of Las Vegas , Nevada , discarded over 40 boxes of material containing 230 credit reports. Charged under the FTC’s Disposal Rule, the defendant was also penalized for misrepresenting his data security practices.
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Confidential Information Abandoned in Forgotten Building!
An office formerly belonging to the Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO) was found to contain abandoned records, exposing social security numbers, driver license numbers, and other sensitive data. The records have been in the building for at least two years and it was apparent to local investigators that the records had recently been ransacked, exposing both adults and children to identity theft.
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