April Newsletter 2010

April 01 , 2010 in Newsletter

April Newsletter - 2010


HIPAA & HITECH – How to Prevent Data Breaches!
SecurShred can assist with HIPAA compliance policies in many ways.

1. Covered, locked security containers for the disposal of Patient Health Information (PHI).
2. Revised Business Associate Agreement between healthcare provider and third party that has access to PHI.
3. Approved by NAID for compliance training regarding written policies and procedures, as required by HIPAA, for the disposal of PHI.
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Congressional report: Cheaper to export than E-cycle!
According to a report from the Congressional Research Service, electronic waste ends up being exported overseas because of high domestic processing costs, even though the impacts of overseas processing can be wanting. The report, Managing Electronics Waste: Issues with Exporting E-Waste, finds that, due to “limited domestic infrastructure and high demand abroad,” as well as the complicated nature of processing e-scrap, “a recycler may find it more profitable simply to send all of the e-waste it collects abroad.”
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UN warns of E-waste spike in developing nations!
Over the next decade, rapidly growing sales of consumer electronics in developing countries, such as China and India, will lead to ” the spectre of hazardous e-waste mountains with serious consequences for the environment and public health ,” according to a report released this week by The United Nations Environment Programme. The 120-page report, Recycling — From E-Waste To Resources, was compiled using data from 11 developing countries in Asia, Africa and the Americas.
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