August Newsletter 2010

August 01 , 2010 in Newsletter

SecurShred Awarded NAID Certification for 8th Straight Year
SecurShred was established in 2000 and has been certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) since they started their certification program.  Now, for the 8th straight year, SecurShred has achieved the certification standard by NAID.  SecurShred is certified for both mobile and plant-based operation for the destruction of paper media and hard drives.
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Mortgage Documents Found in Trash
It’s the key to your life:  your social security number, credit report, bank account information.  Experts say thieves can use any of this private information to steal your identity.  We wanted to know:  who’s making sure your private information is staying protected in South Carolina?
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Update on the New RED Flags Rule
What does it mean to your organization?

Effective December 31, 2010, the Red Flags Rule requires organizations extending payment terms to customers and that have personal information on file to:

1)     Create a written “Program” that identifies where personal customer information is vulnerable to unauthorized access or where the organization is vulnerable to ID Theft.

2)     Institute precautions that address those ID Theft vulnerabilities and train employees to comply with those precautions.

3)     Intervene, alert the authorities, or warn the potential victims when there is a threat of ID Theft.

4)     Have the “Program” controlling ID Theft vulnerabilities signed by the Board of Directors or the company owners annually.

5)     Require audits of data-related vendors with access to personal information of customers.

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