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David Van Mullen of SecurShred Passes Certified Secure Destruction Specialist Exam


The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), the global trade association for the secure destruction industry is proud to announce that David Van Mullen of SecurShred along with 43 industry professionals successfully passed the Certified Secure Destruction Specialist exam held at the NAID 2011 Annual Conference and Exposition.


New Jersey Nearly Sold Secret Data


New Jersey Comptroller Mathew A. Boxer stopped the auction of computers to the public last year, 79% of which contained confidential information, including driver's license numbers, social security numbers, and social service information. While the state was able to halt the sale of the equipment, it is a near certainty that hard drives containing information were sold to the public before the practice ended.


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Medical Records Found in Regina Recycling Bin


The discovery of over 1,000 patient records in Regina, Saskatchewan has prompted a quick response from the province's top privacy authority. Gary Dickson, the province's information and privacy commissioner, told CBC News on Wednesday that he was surprised by what he found when he arrived at the site late in the day."To be honest, I'm astonished," Dickson said. "It appears to be a large volume of health information in file folders."


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