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SecurShred - Onsite Document Destruction


Certification Advisory Circulation

NAID logoNo Partial Certifications Permitted; NAID no longer allows partial Certifications. Any company that provides both Mobile and Plant-based services must be certified for both if they choose to be certified. Failure to do say may result in the removal of certification. 


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Highly Sensitive Information Found in "509 Fitness" Dumpster

Dumpster DivingMembership files with credit card, social security and driver's license information from the 509 Fitness in Kennewick were thrown into a dumpster in the same lot. KAPP/KVEW received an email from a concerned viewer about the files, and the troubleshooter investigated. LifeQuest Fitness Center in Pasco owns the now vacant building, and this last Saturday employees from...


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Certification Advisory Circulation
Highly Sensitive Information Found in "509 Fitness" Dumpster
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Trees Saved

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