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SecurShred - Onsite Document Destruction


SecurShred Helps with Hurricane Irene Cleanup  


SecurShred Removing Flood Material

Driving through communities this past week in the wake of Hurricane Irene was simply heartbreaking.  Most homes and business were caught off guard by the extent of the flooding that took place. Locations that had never seen flood waters rise so high were not prepared to handle the devastation that hurricane Irene managed to cause.


After the water started to recede the true damage could be seen by the water marks left on buildings and the amount...


New HIPAA Fines Can Be Seven Figures


HIPAASince 1996, when the HIPAA Privacy Rule went into effect, and since 2005, when the HIPAA Security Rule went into effect, there has been little news of actual fines. But these three episodes above, which have happened just in 2011 alone, have raised many people's awareness, and signaled a rise in HIPAA investigations and enforcement, along with resulting fines...



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Think About Your Hard Drive Before Recycling Your Electronics


Desktop ComputerWhen buying or selling electronic equipment such as desktop or laptop computers make sure to remove, replace and destroy the hard drive. Simply reformatting the hard drive is not enough. This process does not completely wipe your sensitive information from the hard disk, but only cleans...



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SecurShred Helps with Hurricane Irene Cleanup
New HIPAA Fines Can Be Seven Figures
Think About Your Hard Drives
Trees Saved! 

Trees Saved

260,630 Trees have been saved by our customers through the use of SecurShred's secure paper shredding and recycling process!
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