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Info Security 101 - Who Touches My Stuff?!  


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Now, more than ever before, large and small companies alike are outsourcing more of their non-core business.  For that matter, companies are even outsourcing their core business these days.  So, every company, large or small, needs to consider the inherent risks when entering into a business relationship with a third party. 


Outsourcing business services to companies that will have access to your company's and/or your clients confidential information...


Sensitive Patient Records Found Scattered At Shopping Center


Dumpster Diving

An Aurora street sweeper found hundreds of sensitive dental patient records scattered near a Dumpster behind an Aurora shopping center on Saturday.


The billings records contained patients' Social Security numbers, birth dates, names and addresses, information that could be abused by identity thieves.   


The street sweeper didn't want to be identified, but he called the discovery an act of "carelessness."   The worker handed...

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Insurer Agrees to Pay $55k for Data Breach


Portable Hard Drive

The Vermont Attorney General's Office says a Connecticut-based health insurance company is ready to pay $55,000 to settle a complaint that it didn't inform customers that personal information had been lost along with an unencrypted computer hard drive.   


The state says the complaint and proposed settlement with Health Net and Health Net of the Northeast, of Shelton, Conn., were filed on Jan. 14. The case arose after the loss of a portable hard drive that contained...

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Info Security 101 - Who Touches My Stuff?!
Sensitive Patient Records Found Scattered At Shopping Center
Insurer Agrees to Pay $55,000 for Data Breach
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