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SecurShred - Onsite Document Destruction


Retention Policy and Additional Materials for Pick-Up 


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Tis a New Year, which means it's time to clean out offices, purge old documents, and/or update your files. SecurShred is here to help you with your end of year file purging. We offer NAID Certified On-site and Off-Site document destruction service, as well as, hard drive destruction, electronics recycling, record and data storage, and document scanning/file conversion.   

When it comes time to clean out your old files, how do you know what to keep and what to get rid of? What is the true lifespan of documents? Below is a basic guide to help you plan...

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Proactive Pointers to Fight Small-Business Fraud


Attention Vermont small-business owner. What measures are you taking to protect your company from fraud?    

Secure DocumentsAccording to a 2010 report from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), incidents of occupational fraud are 31 percent more likely to occur at small businesses as opposed to larger companies. To add insult to injury, as many as 40 percent of small-business owners are embezzlement victims, and a staggering one-third of all bankruptcies are the direct result of internal theft.  

More alarmingly...


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Hard Drives Exposed


External Hard Drive

It's a chilly March Saturday at the Pit, a concrete holding pen for abandoned computer parts at the Needham, Massachusetts, town dump. Nearby, three locals wait patiently in their idling cars.


An SUV pulls up. Driver James Curtin grabs an old PC from the back and puts it into the Pit alongside other CRT monitors and old computer chassis. Slowly the other men exit their cars and walk toward the discarded computer--one with a screwdriver in hand.


For these PC scavengers, the Pit is a gold mine...


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Retention Policy and Additional Materials for Pick-Up
Proactive Pointers to Fight Small-Business Fraud
Hard Drives Exposed
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