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SecurShred Only Uses R2 Certified Electronics Recyclers


Pile of Computer ElectronicsSecurShred, in its efforts to promote responsible and green recycling, only uses R2 certified recyclers to handle your electronic waste. R2 stands for Responsible Recycling, a set of requirements and practices which verifies that a company is properly handling, recycling and disposing electronic scrap, along with ensuring worker health and safety and proper data security practices. 

The R2 standard is supported by major electronic OEM's, The United States EPA, state and local governments, and other influential environmental interests groups. In July of 2011, the National Government implemented the National Strategy for Electronic Stewardship, which was presented by the Interagency Task Force on Electronics Stewardship and co-chaired by the White House Council on Environment Quality, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the General Services Administration. From computers and cell phones, to portable communication devices and music devices; the U.S. is, and will continue to be, a global leader in designing and developing new and improved electronics. With these technologies, however, comes the increasing challenge of protecting human health and disposal of these products.  The strategy was created to help better manage electronics.

Pile of Computer Electronics Our downstream electronics recycler is R2 Certified as well as ISO 14001 Certified by SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance). SGS is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. They are recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity.


You can be assured your electronic waste is properly destroyed and recycled. Our recycler recycles 100% of the recyclable materials from all computer equipment we deliver to them at their facility in the U.S. What cannot be recycled is incinerated and used to produce energy. Landfilling computer equipment is not safe for many reasons, nor is it legal in many states including Vermont.


Pile of Computer ElectronicsWe have taken great strides in keeping a clean carbon footprint. Our trucks use bio diesel and bio oil in their hydraulic systems, and our employees are encouraged to do their part by participating in our recycling program. They are given reusable drinking containers and recycling bins have been placed throughout the work place. Our mission to be a green company is accomplished by providing environmentally responsible, best practices recycling services and green job opportunities and worker training.

For more information or if you have any questions, please visit our website atwww.securshred.com or email us at info@securshred.com.


Dumpster Diver Allegedly Stole ID's By Reassembling Paper Shreds

Patience and the ability to put puzzle pieces together made this an easy crime   

Bettina Boxall, Los Angeles Times Local News. Posted May 02, 2012

Santa Clarita Valley - Grant Lind allegedly was a dumpster diver with a lot of patience and a talent for putting together puzzle pieces.

Lind, 49, was charged last month with 44 felony counts in connection with a check counterfeiting scheme, according to authorities who say he gleaned bank account information from shredded checks he plucked from a Valencia dumpster. 

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department launched an investigation after a Castaic church reported bank account information had been stolen and used to write counterfeit checks. Detectives discovered 20 different victims, all Santa Clarita Valley residents and businesses, who had one thing in common. They had written checks to Valencia Self Storage in Valencia.

When investigators searched Lind's residence in Newhall last October, they found check printers, computers and "bags and boxes full of these shredded documents," said sheriff's Det. David Lingscheit.

Lind would allegedly take a bag of shreds, divide the contents into smaller boxes and then assemble the pieces, each about 2 inches long and a quarter-inch wide, on top of the box and piece together bank account and routing numbers.

He then used the information to print and write more than 30 counterfeit checks worth about $16,000, authorities said...

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Businesses Are Not Protecting Our Data

Only 12 percent of consumers feel safe

By Antony Savvas, Computerworld UK. April 25, 2012


On March 24 the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) received the rule from HHS. OMB has up to 90 days in which to review the rule (although it often receives an extension on that deadline). This rule will include four parts: the primary changes to the HIPAA Privacy and Security rules, stemming from the July 2010 proposed rule; the final breach notification rule; changes to the enforcement rule dealing with process and penalty levels; and certain changes from the Genetic Information Nondisclosure Act. This "mega rule" will not address the controversial proposed changes to the HIPAA accounting rule, which are on a different timetable.

Accordingly, while this process is moving through its final stages, the rule likely will not be released until mid-summer at the earliest, presuming the OMB does not push for additional changes. It is expected that companies will have seven months from the publication of the rule to be compliant with its provisions. The substance of the rule will not change, so companies can begin preparing for this requirement now.

"The final rule is a 10 on the data protection Richter scale," said NAID CEO Bob Johnson. "It will mark the date that fines for improper disposal of medical information become mandatory in most circumstances. It will also mark the moment that small medical practices are forced to take secure destruction of information more seriously as publicity on the issue goes through the roof."

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SecurShred Only Uses R2 Certified Electronics Recyclers
Dumpster Diver Allegedly Stole ID's By Reassembling Paper Shreds
Businesses Are Not Protecting Our Data
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