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Don't Get Burned In 2013

Start your company's New Year's resolution off right; Reduce your company's carbon footprint, become FACTA, GLBA and HIPAA compliant by adopting a shred all policy
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By: JoEllen Barton, Chief Information Security Officer, SecurShred


About 71 million tons of paper and paperboard are used in the United States each year (1). Chances are your office produces a great deal of paper waste. Majority of businesses do. Among the thousands of pounds of paper waste produced are documents containing sensitive information that must inevitably be destroyed.


Thinking about taking the easy way out and having a company bonfire? It could cost you more in the end. Burning paper and cardboard is illegal in majority of the United States including Vermont, New York, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Average fines of illegal burning could cost your company up to $500. For a fraction of that, you can hire a company to securely collect, destroy and recycle all that paper waste.


Did you know that for every ton of paper recycled, you save: 17 small trees, 3 cubic yards of landfill space and 7,000 gallons of water??


Still think there is a cheaper way? Well, you could hire or have an existing employee sit around and shred document after document; however is that really the best use of your time and money? An average priced shredding machine can cost your company anywhere from $199 to $2,000. These models all have limited paper size/sheet amount, continuous run time limitations and a very small wastebasket capacity, plus they tend to overheat, jam and break. After you are all done shredding, the pieces will most likely end up all over the floor like confetti and/or spaghetti, not a very secure place for your information to live. Then there is still the question of what to do with the bagged up paper mess. Tossing it in the trash is not the most environmentally sound or secure method of disposal. Once paper is in the trash it becomes fair game for any dumpster divers.


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New Regulations Restrict The Use Of Social Security Numbers    

Crowded Shopping Mall During The HolidaysA person may not be required to disclose or furnish his or her Social Security Number (SSN) for any purpose under new section 399-ddd of New York's General Business Law, effective December 12, 2012. The new law safeguarding SSNs applies to employers and certain other entities in the state. Businesses must review their practices relating to employees, customers and other individuals in situations where all or a part of the SSN is involved.  

SSN includes not only the nine-digit number issued by the Social Security Administration, but also "any number derived from such number," unless the number is encrypted.


Unless one of the exceptions below applies, requiring employees or customers to use the last four digits of their SSN as part of an identification number, for example, will be unlawful. Exceptions include...


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Electronic Waste Executives Go To Trial For Lying To Customers


By: Jeremy Carroll @jeremyscarroll.com. Waste & Recycling News. December 7, 2012


A federal trial is underway for an electronic waste company accused of lying to its customers.

Executive Recycling, based in Englewood, Colorado, sent more than 100,000 cathode ray tubes overseas in more than 300 shipments between February 2005 and January 2009, all while telling customers they were recycling the items domestically and responsibly, the government has alleged.


CEO Brandon Richter and former vice president of operations Tor Olson were indicted on charges of wire fraud, mail fraud, failure to file notification of shipments of hazardous waste, and destruction of records in 2011.


The company was featured during a "60 Minutes" segment in 2008, when they tracked shipments from the company to China with the help of the Basel Action Network.


Court documents indicate that the federal trial could take up to 13 days.  


Source: www.wasterecyclingnews.com 




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