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SecurShred E-Newsletter - February 2013

HIPAA Settlement Focuses On Improperly Disposed Records


By: Erin McCann. Goverment Health. Contributing Editor. January 09, 2013


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Owners of a medical billing practice and four pathology groups in Massachusetts will collectively pay $140,000 to settle potential HIPAA allegations after medical records and billing information for some 67,000 patients were improperly disposed of at a public dump, Mass. Attorney General Martha Coakley announced January 7th.


The complaint, filed in Suffolk Superior Court, alleges that business associates Joseph and Louise Gagnon of Goldthwait Associates violated state data security laws when they improperly disposed of medical records containing personal health information (PHI) from four state pathology groups at the Georgetown Transfer Station. The medical records contained information for more than 67,000 patients and included names, Social Security numbers and medical diagnoses that were not redacted or destroyed when they were disposed of.


"Personal health information must be safeguarded as it passes from patients to doctors to medical billers and other third-party contractors," Coakley said. "We believe this data breach put thousands of patients at risk, and it is the obligation of all parties involved to ensure that sensitive information is disposed of properly to prevent this from happening again."

This matter came to the public's attention...





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Document Destruction: Understanding Your Risks And The Violations That May Follow

By: JoEllen Barton. SecurShred. February 2013

Secure DocumentsHave you created a document destruction policy for your organization yet? If not, than you should. Federal and State regulators have created regulations to help protect an individual's privacy and identity. All businesses big and small that collect, store, and/or handle personal information are required by law to properly handle, dispose, and/or store these records. You and your company could be held accountable for not complying with these regulations. Failure to adhere to these regulations could cost your company thousands if not millions of dollars in violations and civil or criminal penalties.  

If you have, are your employees following through with proper procedures and protocols? When was the last time an in-house audit was performed? Do you leave it up to your employee(s) to decide what is "shred worthy" or does your company have a "shred all" policy?


Everyday lawyers, hospitals, financial institutions, and schools are being prosecuted for improper handling of confidential documents, if these companies can get this wrong, could your company also be non-compliant in your handling of these records? There are many forms and definitions of what is considered personal information. States define personal information differently and have written their rules and regulations accordingly...


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SecurShred Is Now Offering Free Recycling Of Select Electronic Equipment

By: JoEllen Barton. SecurShred. February 2013

Pile of obsolete electronics to be recycled Has your household finally settled down from the hustle and bustle of the holidays? Have you set up all your new electronic toys? GREAT! So now, what do you do with the old, tired, and ready to be disposed of electronics that are piled up in your basement, attic, or closet? You can't throw them in the trash, but you can take them to SecurShred in South Burlington, Vermont! Most people do not know that we offer a convenient electronics recycling pick up and/or drop-off service.

Securshred is more than just a paper shredding company; we also destroy and recycle electronics, provide secure off-site data and record storage, and can even convert your paper into electronic documents. We are AAA NAID Certified for mobile and plant-based destruction of paper, hard drives and non-paper media.

SecurShred destroys and recycles all forms of electronics.  

Electronics we will be happy to recycle for free; 

(when you drop these items of at our location. Contact us today for rates on our on-site pickup services)

Desktop Computers (Workstation Tower)
Fax Machines
All In One Machines (Print, Fax, Copy, Scan)  

*please note, per our NAID certification any electronic hardware still housing a hard drive will be charged an additional fee of $10 for hard drive destruction. This is SecurShred's standard fee to destroy the hard drive(s). 


Electronics we charge a small fee for; 

Monitors (CRT's and LCD's)
Hard Drives (Internal and External/Portable)
CD's/Backup Tapes/Misc. Storage Media 
Complete Desktop (monitor, computer tower, keyboard, and mouse)
Battery Backups
Fluorescent Tubes
PDA's/Cell Phones/Phones
All Cables, Wires, Mice, Keyboards, Speakers, etc. 


In 2009, 5 million tons of electronics were in storage and 2.37 million tons of electronics were ready for end-of-life management. Out of that, only 25% was collected for recycling. (www.epa.gov, October 2011) Many people are misinformed or not properly educated on what to do with their old technology once it has become obsolete and is ready for the scrap pile. 


Did you know it is illegal to landfill computers and electronics? Computers, monitors, IPod's, phones, etc. all have hazardous materials in them such as lead, mercury, and chromium. Besides being harmful to our environment there are now strict fines associated with landfilling computer equipment. "If your discarded computers or monitors are found to be contaminating a landfill, your firm can be traced through the serial numbers recorded when they were originally purchased and you could be held liable for the cleanup and/or given a substantial fine" (Legal Management, June 2007).


Contact Securshred, Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm for more information about our services, to receive a free quote or to schedule a pick up. info@securshred.com | 877-863-3003 x2




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