Vermont Department of Health

November 29 , 2004 in Testimonials


To whom it may concern,

It has been a pleasure doing business with SecurShred for the past two years. The service has exceeded our expectations in both reliability and efficiency. In addition, it has proven to be quite cost effective.

I have found SecurShred to be extremely pleasant to deal with. At present, they come to our site every three weeks. If, at any point, I need their services before the scheduled date, I need only telephone them and they are happy to oblige.

The greatest aspect of SecurShred is the on-site service. With the new HIPPA regulations that started a couple of years ago, this service proved to be the most secure way of doing our shredding. Shredding never leaves the property. It is done right outside the building before they drive off. This unique method has offered us the protection we need in order to guarantee our clients’ most valued privacy. I look forward to working with fine folds of SecurShred for many years to come.

Tammi Provencher
Support Services Supervisor
Vermont Department of Health
108 Cherry St.
Burlington, VT 05401