Members Shred 5,000 Pounds of Sensitive Documents at NEFCU-sponsored “Shred Fest”

May 14 , 2005 in Press Releases

Williston, VT – More than 100 members of New England Federal Credit Union turned out Saturday, May 14th to shred personal documents at a “Shred Fest” event – a service provided by the credit union to help members protect themselves from identity theft.

NEFCU provided the service free of charge to its members, employing the services of SecurShred, a professional document shredding company.

The credit union has taken a leading role in helping people in Vermont to protect themselves from identity theft. It offers free identity theft resolution services to all of its more than 65,000 members, as well as a low-cost identity theft protection service, which helps members to regularly monitor their credit reports so that any usual activity can be quickly detected.

On a breezy, cloudy Saturday at NEFCU’s Harvest Lane headquarters in Williston, members showed up in cars packed to the roofs with boxes of old papers containing sensitive personal information. Documents containing social security numbers, bank account and credit card information, and other personal documents, all of which can be misused if it falls into the wrong hands, were dumped into large bins, and shredded while they watched.

Many people don’t have shredders at home, or if they do, they may not be heavy-duty enough to be capable of destroying the large numbers of old documents that people tend to keep stored at home. That’s why NEFCU decided to offer this service to its members.

For more information about how NEFCU is helping its members to protect themselves from identity theft, visit their website at