Insurance Agency Touts SecurShred

December 28 , 2005 in Testimonials

In today’s world of increased scrutiny and protection of private information we are forced to have business practices in place that in the past we have not given much thought to. When I discovered your service I was delighted to know that SecurShred would come to our office and destroy client personal information that we are no longer required to retain. This is something I would normally have had someone in the office shred. You came into our office and in fifteen minutes shredded twenty-five boxes of dead files, what you call a bulk purge. This would have taken hours if I had someone in the office do this, costing not just payroll hours but this also would have taken someone away from doing tasks focused on the growth of our agency. It was economical as well.

Thank you for providing such a valuable and time saving service.

Tassie Blondin-Bouffard
The Blondin Insurance Agency
Essex Junction, VT