SecurShred participates in Shred Fest

July 24 , 2007 in SecurShred in the News

WCAX – Channel 3 News, covering a story on a Shred Fest at the New England Federal Credit Union in Williston, VT…

According to the Federal Trade Commission, nearly 10-million people fell victim to identity theft last year in the U-S. Here in Vermont, many folks tried to stop their private information from getting in the wrong hands. Beth Parent and photographer Robynn Beams show us how.

Maxine of Essex Junction, VT is taking steps to keep her identity safe… i worry that someone will either get an account number or our social security number or information about my family. So for the past 15 years, shre has accumulated hundreds of copies of old checks and bank statements. She resisted throwing it away for fear of someone stealing her identity… a lot of times i do tear things up and put them in the trash and i second guess myself. Identity theft is growing nationwide and crooks are getting creative when it comes to stealing personal information. (David Van Mullen of SecurShred)...people are going in dumpsters or stealing people’s recycling and just getting all the personal information from statements. Experts say thieves only need a social security number, an account number or a drivers license number to do damage. (David Van Mullen of SecurShred)... a lot of people they just don’t expect it and they may not know about it for months or even years, but then they see a statement and they see an unexpected charge or a phone call from a creditor it just happens every day even in vermont.

Today in Williston, VT, folks came to the New England Federal Credit Union to dispose of their documents for free. The papers are put through a massive shredder run by SecurShred. Seeing the documents destroyed makes folks like Maxine rest a little easier… I feel very secure it all went in the little happier and it’s gone. (Beth of WIlliston) New England Federal Credit Union offers the shred fest three times a year. the next scheduled date for one is on Sept. 15th.