Personal Information Found In Trash

November 30 , 2007 in Industry News

Fox 4 News, Kansas City.

Imagine if someone told you your employer put your personal information out where anyone could find it.

It happened in North Kansas City.

Lucky for employees, the man who found the private information, called the FOX 4 Problem Solvers, instead of cashing in.

Two workers, who don’t want to be named are taking things out of the trash, instead of putting them in.

That’s because what they found in their dumpster should never have ended up there.

“Definitely some crucial information that could especially in this day and age get some identities stolen.”

Things like W-2s, job applications, an identity thief’s dream.

We got the call ‘cause these guys worried for those whose info ended up in the trash.

All the records were from a temp business called Labor Ready.

We stopped by to show them what we found.

“Including employees W-2 forms with their private information on it, including social security numbers. Home addresses, telephone numbers. This is all stuff that (she says) Should have been shredded.”

Those at labor ready tell us they were purging old files, these were meant to be shredded, and accidentally ended up in the trash.

You’re gonna make sure that every single thing that leaves this building from now on gets shredded. Yes. I promise to you.”

We wanted to be sure, so we took the info ourselves to Media Services underground facility for shredding.

“It’s what we do on a regular basis, people that need their stuff shredded, we shred it for em. We’re glad to do it,” said Bob Rippentrop with Media Services.

Carolyn Barker’s just glad those two men took it upon themselves not to turn other way.

“It’s everything. Including your social security number… right,” Barker said.

She knows in the wrong hands, it could have been a gold mine.

“They just throw everybody’s information out the back door and don’t care. If it was theirs, it would be totally different,” Barker said.

We let Carolyn shred her own, but for all the other employees whose files ended up in the trash, this problem’s solved!

Federal law requires the destruction of all consumer information before it’s thrown away.