SecurShred Fleet Switches to Biodiesel

January 01 , 2008 in SecurShred in the News

The SecurShred fleet of diesel mobile shredding trucks have all moved to using biodiesel this year. The company that provides the fuel to SecurShred indicated that the product is 5% biodeisel.

SecurShred owners, Ken Miller and Eric Flegenheimer, have decided that this move is “just the right thing to do” given the times. “The fuel is a little more expensive, but, in the grand scheme of things, we are doing our part to steer our company towards a cleaner future” said Ken Miller. SecurShred does not have plans to pass any of this extra cost onto its customers.

SecurShred has put together a company “environmental policy” that includes several other environmentally friendly practices. A no idling policy has been issued which should dramatically reduce its carbon immissions. Also, SecurShred has stopped purchasing plastic water bottles for its drivers. Instead, they have supplied the drivers with reusable drinking containers that can be used for cold or hot beverages. And finally, a company recycling policy has been initiated for items such as cardboard, plastic and metal.

Mr. Flegenheimer went on to say that “given the fact that we recycle all shredded paper, this move was a logical progression in our efforts to promot a cleaner environment.”