SecurShred Recycles Computer Equipment

July 01 , 2008 in SecurShred in the News

SecurShred now recyles computer equipment. All forms of computer equipment can be picked up from your business or home and transported to our facility for processing. Now, SecurShard, not only destroys the hard drives inside of computers, but also recycles computer equipment such as: – CPU’s – Monitors – Keyboards – Mice – Printers – Fax Machines

Most states, including Vermont, have laws against the landfilling of computer equipment by residents and businesses. Landfilling this equipment is not only illegal, but is harmfull to the environment.

SecurShred has been certified for hard drive destruction by the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID). The annual certification confirms that SecurShred has the appropriate policies and procedures in place for the handling and destruction of hard drives.

Whether your business has thousands of pounds of electronic equipment or you just have one computer at home, SecurShred can securely and responsibly destroy and recycle its components for you.