SecurShred: Secure Paper Shredding and Digital Media Destruction in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Northeast New York
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Paper Shredding Services

SecurShred Process
The process is simple!

  1. Drop your documents into the on-site locked
    security container in your office.
  2. We pickup the containers and immediately shred
    onsite with our mobile shredder.
  3. The shredded remains are brought to our facility
    for baling and ultimate recycle.
Cost Comparison
You're already paying for shredding if you're shredding documents internally. SecurShred can practically guarantee that you'll save at least 25% on your existing costs. In-house shredding is slow, messy, costly and eats up valuable employee resources. Consider the true costs of having a full-time employee handle your shredding. Our study shows that using a common office shredder take 20 minutes to destroy 4lbs. of paper. Factorin a $12.00 an hour employee and the cost would be $4.00 per day, equating to $84.00 a month. You would save at least 40% off these costs if you used SecurShred. But don't forget, it's also all about security.