Benefits of Scanning

The Benefits of Electronic Document
Management are Measurable

  • Protect your most important business assets, your information. A lost or damaged record can translate into lost revenue.
  • Simplify Disaster Recovery. Protect your data physically and electronically with controlled access and 24/7 system monitoring.
  • Enhance client record security. Implement information policies with multiple layers of security. Gain audit confidence with documented evidence of security control, audit trails, user activity and document or record history.
  • No waste of valuable office space to house filing cabinets.
  • Achieve compliance with industry regulations. 
  • Improve process efficiency. Retrieve a record and answer your clients’ questions on the spot. 
  • Free up your IT department from management of growing amounts of data with scalable and maintenance-free storage.
  • Convert capital expenditures into tax deductible operating expenses.

Secure Information Destruction

Electronic Document Management

Off-Site Paper & Electronic Record Storage

Responsible Electronics Recycling

Online Destruction & Recycling