Benefits of SecurShred Off-Site Records Storage

Eliminate Costly Extra Space and Management

The SecurShred corporate records storage center is the total solution to eliminate costly
use of self-storage or valuable office space. Employees no longer have the burden of
carrying, organizing or retrieving files.

Controlled Access to Records and Data

Your files are only accessed by the individuals authorized to view them.

Climate Controlled Environment

Ensure the longevity of even the most sensitive records.

Disaster Protection and Planning

Don't let a natural disaster destroy years of corporate records and data.

Flexible Access

Retrieval of a document or box within 24 hours of request. Tracked and then replaced
after use, your file is secure at all times. Don't waste employee time or create off-site
access risk when retrieving a document or file at a storage rental center or warehouse.

Reporting for Easy and Cost Efficient Retrieval

Eliminate costly, time consuming searches for records at audit time.
Your documents and boxes are easy to retrieve with our organized
reporting system.

Legal Compliance

Document life cycle management programs help determine which
files to maintain and which to destroy.


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The Top 10 Records Management Mistakes

1. Keeping records management in-house.
2. Procrastinating the off-site facility move.
3. Inconsistent document retention schedule.
4. Disorganized, non-indexed files.
5. Choosing a self storage unit for off-site storage.
6. Not shredding or destroying documents on a regular basis.
7. Hiring a records storage center that does not meet industry standards.
8. Keeping your digital media on-site, at your offices vs. a secure off-site location.
9. Lack of quality control checks to ensure viability of data.
10. Not keeping up with current laws and regulations governing privacy, information confidentiality and storage regulations.