“It’s been a real pleasure to work with you and your team. The driver (sorry I don’t know his name) was always very nice, in a good mood and effcient, and you’ve been very flexible and responsive to our needs! I very much appreciate the great service and will certainly keep SecurShred in mind for future jobs. If anyone asks me, I’ll give them an extremely positive recommendation.”

“SecurShred met with us and reviewed our accounts payable workflow and our paper documents in storage in various areas of our business.  With input from SecurShred’s records center, we determined which documents need to be itemized and stored with a documented retention schedule. Our accounts payable records are now routinely picked up and scanned by SecurShred, allowing us to easily research and organize this critical company information. And, we freed up a large amount of storage space when the outdated records were shredded on-site at our production facility. From the initial meeting to our now routine services, SecurShred provided us with exceptional guidance in organizing our document management program and met all of our requirements in a very timely fashion.”

– Tim Lizotte – Champlain Cable, Vice President/CFO

“I am very pleased with the SecurShred staff. The ones I have talked to have been excellent, very friendly and knowledgeable.”

– Sue Grimes, Johnson Elements

“Thank you David and the whole team at Securshred for bringing us up to speed and leaving us with a system that will serve our organization to eternity and beyond!”
– Jennifer Smith

“As we look into the future, we are hopeful that we will benefit even more when we move to the On Base and work flow solutions that will truly make us 100% electronic & paperless. Without your extraordinary advice, counsel and execution, we would be lost! Many thanks for easing our transition with your fine work and your company.”

– David C. Cohen, Financial Director

“I was very pleased with your service. You came when you said you would; the driver was polite and nice; it took very little time; and I feel the charge was appropriate. I was very happy to be able to get rid of the material and clean things up here. Than you again. I will contact you next time I am in need of a large amount of shredding!”

– Karen Mills, Mills Hardware, Inc. 

“Your men were just here doing the shredding. Right off, I noticed the bright, new truck. I know it will get old and dirty, but gleaming in the sun as it did made a great, professional first impression! Your men were also very professional, and I took the opportunity to observe the process. I was thinking of asking if I could see inside the van, although I didn’t want to trouble them. As soon as I got out there, though, they drew my attention to the screen where I could observe the shredding actually occurring, and showed me the view inside the van where the output goes. What will they think of next?!?”

“Finally, I took a moment to go look at the totes they placed out back. Again, nice and new, clearly labeled and locked, and I particularly like the NAID tags right on the buckets. All in all, a very professional service, instilling confidence in the security of the process. I congratulate you, and I know we made the right choice! Thanks!”

Mr. Darcy D. Rogers
Senior Vice President & Chief Operations Officer

“The on-site shredding vendor review that we performed at your site on May 11, 2007 achieved a rating of “Very Good”. This rating is the highest that we issue. Factors applied to the scoring include:

• Employee screen processes
• Site access and surveillance coverage
• Risk level of the neighborhood
• Shred end product size
• Final destination of shed product
• Adequate liability insurance
• Management’s knowledge of the business
•  Feedback from our internal customers —Service —Attitude of your workers — Condition of the totes — Response to any missing lock conditions

Congratulations on your high score! Your great service provided to Chittenden is appreciated.”

– Gary Avery, VP-Manager of Security & Security Systems

“In today’s world of increased scrutiny and protection of private information we are forced to have business practices in place that in the past we have not given much thought to. When I discovered your service I was delighted to know that SecurShred would come to our office and destroy client personal information that we are no longer required to retain. This is something I would normally have had someone in the office shred. You came into our office and in fifteen minutes shredded twenty-five boxes of dead files, what you call a bulk purge. This would have taken hours if I had someone in the office do this, costing not just payroll hours but this also would have taken someone away from doing tasks focused on the growth of our agency. It was economical as well.

Thank you for providing such a valuable and time saving service.”

Tassie Blondin-Bouffard
The Blondin Insurance Agency
Essex Junction, VT

“It has been a pleasure doing business with SecurShred for the past two years. The service has exceeded our expectations in both reliability and efficiency. In addition, it has proven to be quite cost effective.

I have found SecurShred to be extremely pleasant to deal with. At present, they come to our site every three weeks. If, at any point, I need their services before the scheduled date, I need only telephone them and they are happy to oblige.

The greatest aspect of SecurShred is the on-site service. With the new HIPPA regulations that started a couple of years ago, this service proved to be the most secure way of doing our shredding. Shredding never leaves the property. It is done right outside the building before they drive off. This unique method has offered us the protection we need in order to guarantee our clients’ most valued privacy. I look forward to working with fine folds of SecurShred for many years to come.”

Tammi Provencher
Support Services Supervisor
Vermont Department of Health

“In the bustle of today’s busy world, it is not often that we take the time to acknowledge a job well done. I do, however, feel compelled to take the time now and applaud the superiority of the individuals at SecurShred.

Last spring, as we investigated the feasibility of having several years of medical records shredded, the representatives from SecurShred walked us through what we anticipated to be an overwhelming process. Their organization, skill, and professionalism enabled us to promptly bring the project to a close, freeing us all to continue with the day to day obligations of our clinic.

Working with them for the past several months has been an absolute delight, and we look forward to an ongoing relationship. Without the expertise and guaranteed confidentiality SecurShred provides, we would not have been able to bring this project to completion in such a timely and efficient manner. We highly recommend their company, and would encourage any business to access their services.”

Holly Baker, Medical Records Coordinator
Nancy Carney, Clinic Coordinator

“Am I glad I found you folks! I cannot tell you how much your service has positively impacted our business.

As a health care agency, we have a substantial amount of confidential documents and records that require destruction. Before you came along, we had a large shredder on the first floor and 30 personal sized shredders all over the second floor of the building. Hand shredding documents took up valuable staff time and made a terrible mess. Our cleaning staff had to bag up the shredded material and we had to store it until picked up by our trash hauler.

We converted to your easy-to-use system and staff no longer wastes time in a very manual process. Now they just slip the materials into the locked containers – done! No more mess, no more storage. Cleaning staff is free to do other things. Our trash fees have gone down and we feel assured that our confidential documents have been handled in an efficient and secure manner.

If you polled the staff, they would probably say that hiring you folks was the best decision I made in 2001! Thanks again for the excellent and professional service you provide.”

Sincerely, Joyce Touchette – Facilities Manager

“On behalf of all of our employees at PayData I just wanted to let you know that we really appreciate the excellent service your company provides to us. You are always very professional and complete your job in a timely manner every week. Your staff is always very polite and friendly and I especially value your confidentiality. As a payroll service, confidentiality is very important to our clients and to us. Again, thank you for your outstanding service, and professionalism; you will be highly recommended by PayData. We look forward to working with your company into the future.”

Best Regards, Paul Trahan – President

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