Is Your Security in the Can?

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So you’ve decided to hire a NAID-certified facility to handle the destruction of your sensitive documents? GREAT!

Now what?

Just because you’ve gotten that security container doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods -yet. Check out these tips to keep those sensitive documents secure before they’re sent out to your NAID-certified facility.

1) Placement -where is this container living? Near the copier with easy access to everyone, or under lock and key in the accounting office? While it’s important for employees to be able to easily dispose of sensitive documents during office hours, make sure the container’s located where it can be monitored.  Do not locate a locked container outside or in a public space that is not monitored after hours.

2) Surveillance – is your container under the watchful eye of a security camera? Now’s a great time to get that under control.

3) Check and Double-check – Did any papers slide behind or under the container? Is your recycling bin right next to the container? Make sure it’s clear that this is for sensitive document destruction ONLY.

When it comes to the security of documents, it is essential to understand where responsibility lies. The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) states that the primary responsibility falls on the media container and not solely on the service provider. NAID’s AAA certification program outlines strict requirements for all members regarding physical security, background screenings, employee training and more.

Organizations seeking document destruction services should always look for an i-SIGMA certified provider – those who have passed rigorous auditing procedures set out by NAID and received their accreditation. SecurShred has this certification ensuring organizational compliance with relevant laws and regulations concerning data protection and privacy, as well as provides assurance that your documents are securely destroyed. 

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