Paper Records Storage

Safe. Secure. Accessible. Cost Efficient.

The SecurShred corporate records storage center helps our customers save up to 50% on costs associated with storage space, personnel and records management. Located in Vermont, the facility is climate controlled, protected from fire, water, and theft, and security monitored 24/7. The corporate records storage center uses state of the art computerized inventory controls to provide trackable information on your records at all times. Your documents are accessible to you and can be retrieved by the whole box or single file within 24 hours of your request.

The ONLY Full-Service, Off-site Record Storage Solution in the Region

  • SecurShred is the only records storage solution that services all of Vermont and surrounding areas.
  • Boxes and records are picked up from your location in our locked vehicles by NAID certified security professionals and transported to the corporate records storage center, guaranteeing the security of your information.
  • The records storage center employees index the contents of the boxes before they are placed in storage, which creates a trackable, simplified report of box contents.
  • Boxes are labeled and then placed with computerized inventory control at our facility for organized, easy retrieval of contents.
  • When needed, files are retrieved, scanned and sent to your offices electronically in PDF format, or delivered to you within 24 hours. You can add new files to existing boxes while preserving your documents.
  • All contents have a retention date for future destruction by our NAID certified process.


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