What To Shred

Confidential information about your company, customers and employees needs to be protected, by law. Today's best practice companies reduce the risk of information falling into the wrong hands by establishing a written and widely circulated document destruction policy. They destroy confidential paper and electronic information on a regular basis. For audit purposes, they retain our Certificate of Destruction.

Maintaining pace with privacy laws is one of the many professional services offered by SecurShred. We're always learning how new laws affect your company, and assisting you in compliance.

Although your needs may vary, SecurShred suggests these kinds of documents be shredded after their use:


Accounting and Information Technology
• Budgets and financial data 
• Customer lists 
• Payroll records 
• Supplier records
• Contracts

Sales & Marketing 
• Customer and sales presentations 
• Rate cards and schedules 
• Strategic Plans 
• Advertising materials and sales promotions
• Dated Labels and packaging

Human Resources
• Training manuals
• Performance records
• Disciplinary reports 
• Promotion records 
• Payroll information 
• Medical or treatment records 
• Dated manuals

Supply Chain
• Contracts 
• Product Testing records
• Training manuals
• Vendor lists 
• Project management documentation


Research and Development
• Trade Secrets 
• Formulas 
• Product plans and trails data 
• Drawings and specifications


• Legal contracts 
• Budgets 
• Strategic plans 
• Correspondence 
• Printed emails

And specific files by industry




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