Hard Drive Destruction

NAID Certified - hard drive & Solid state drive destruction

Hard Drives and Solid State Drives containing confidential material can be found in numerous electronic devices such as laptops, desktops, servers, smart phones, tablets, multi-function printers, etc.

Companies and individuals can make a foolish mistake by thinking they can simply erase the data on their drives by conventional means. Reformatting is simply not a secure way to eliminate the information written on a hard drive. As long as a hard drive can spin, information can be extracted from them. Some sectors of a hard drive may not be successfully over written due to undetectable defects in them. The undetectable defects on the drive that were not wiped clean may actually enable retrieval in its next life. Another mistake that is made is to resell the equipment on the mass market where it can be picked up by anyone with out proper sanitation being performed on the internal hard drives. “Remembrances of Data Past” (IEEE Security and Privacy, January/February 2003) concludes that “the secondary hard disk market is almost certainly awash in information that is both sensitive and confidential”.

Securshred HD Hammer

Our HD Hammer, hard drive destruction machine, will crush the memory platters of the hard drive to make it impossible to obtain information from it. Hard Drives are either picked up and transported in our locked vehicles to our secure plant or destroyed at your facility (minimum quantity applies).

A completed and signed Certificate of Destruction is supplied to you prior to our departure from your facility. A serial number report is generated by scanning each drive.  This process also confirm the number of drives.  The destruction is performed by our security professionals at our secure plant or at your facility. For off-site destruction at our facility, a Certificate of Destruction will be emailed to you upon completion.

What is the most secure method of hard drive destruction?

The most secure way to ensure your information is safe is to remove your hard drive or solid state drive and to physically have it destroyed by a NAID Certified Company. The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) is a watchdog organization of the secure information destruction industry. For many years, NAID has certified qualified companies that provide secure hard drive and solid state drive destruction services. Degaussing and overwriting may not lead to totally secure results when trying to remove confidential information from hard drives. Total destruction by the HD Hammer or using shredding equipment are the only sure ways to ensure that your information is safe.

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