Why Scan Your Documents

Why Scan Your Documents Now?

SecurShred is dedicated to providing a full cycle Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution for your business, from planning and preparation of the digital transition of your records, to implementing a private online document repository for your documents, and to the secure destruction of paper records. Every business – financial services, retail, manufacturing, education, government and others – will benefit from affordable technology that assists in capturing, storing and retrieving information.

For certain industries, such as health care, the migration to the electronic health record for each patient is mandatory, and incentives exist to help providers convert to digital form. Converting your records will take planning and an investment of time and resources to reach demonstrated use and achieve long term benefits. Scanning and storing electronic documents is the first step to the electronic record transition.

Document Imaging and Electronic Storage is a multi-step process.
SecurShred uses the Digitech Systems suite of conversion software to capture and assure clarity, readability, and retrievability of your records.


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