Responsible Electronics Recycling

We Use A Responsible Recycling (R2) & OSHA Approved Recycler

SecurShred uses a Responsible Recycling (R2) and OSHA approved recycler located in the U.S. for the disposal of all E-cycle hardware. A “cradle to grave” tracking system assures that E-waste does not end up in the hands of other companies, landfills or illegally exported to other nations.

In 2009, 5 million tons of electronics were in storage and 2.37 million tons of electronics were ready for end-of-life management. Out of that, only 25% was collected for recycling. (, October 2011) Many people are misinformed or not properly educated on what to do with their old technology once it has become obsolete and is ready for the scrap pile. Did you know it is illegal to landfill computers and electronics? Computers, monitors, IPod’s, phones, etc. all have hazardous materials in them such as lead, mercury, and chromium. A study found that “…residents living in rural areas less than a mile from an electronic scrap processing site were 1.6 times more likely to develop lung cancer…”. (Resource Recyling 2013)

Besides being harmful to our environment there are now strict fines associated with landfilling computer equipment. “If your discarded computers or monitors are found to be contaminating a landfill, your firm can be traced through the serial numbers recorded when they were originally purchased and you could be held liable for the cleanup and/or given a substantial fine” (Legal Management, June 2007).

Convenient Warehouse Drop Off Center
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SecurShred is your everyday, easy way E-waste drop off center. Goods for electronics recycling and document destruction can be dropped at our NAID certified, secure warehouse facility in South Burlington, VT. Please refer to the list of goods that we accept for E-cycling and destruction. On-site Hard Drive destruction is available, giving you peace of mind that your confidential information has been destroyed.


(Free recycling for drop-off service only)

Desktops | Towers| Servers
Laptops| Printers| Copiers
Scanners | Fax Machines
All in one machines (Print, Fax, Copy, Scan)

*Please note, per our NAID certification any computer(s) still housing a hard drive or solid state drive will be charged a fee of $10/drive. This is SecurShred’s standard fee to destroy & recycle hard drives and solid state drives.


Monitors (CRT’s and LCD’s)
Battery backups
Fluorescent Tubes
PDA’s/Cell Phones/Phones
All cables, wires, mice, keyboards, speakers, etc.

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Responsible Electronics Recycling

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