Does it Pay to Outsource Scanning Records?

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Do the benefits of hiring an intern to scan documents in-house outweigh outsourcing to a NAID certified facility? The answer may surprise you.

If you’ve weighed the pros and cons of scanning your sensitive records in-house, your decision may rest in how much regulation is required for your industry. No matter which direction you choose, Document Imaging and Electronic Storage is a multi-step process that requires attention to detail and implementing clear systems so that those records will be easy to access internally for many years to come.

Every business – financial services, retail, manufacturing, education, government and others – will benefit from affordable technology that assists in capturing, storing and retrieving information.

For certain industries, such as health care, the migration to the electronic health record for each patient is mandatory, and incentives exist to help providers convert to digital form. 

Medical records for obstetric patients are subject to specific laws and regulations which must be complied with in order to ensure patient privacy. One such law is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). HIPAA requires that medical records be scanned and stored securely to prevent unauthorized access.

One of our customers, Dineen Nalette of Maitri Health Care for women wrote,

By law, we have to keep our obstetrics records for 7 years after the baby reaches the age of maturity at 25. SecurShred picked up our inactive records and scanned thousands of patient charts onto DVDs.  This would have been too time consuming on our own. Now, 85 boxes of hard-to-find patient records are on 5 DVDs in an easy to retrieve format.

Is Outsourcing Scanning Cost Effective?

Outsourcing scanning records can be a cost-effective way to reduce space requirements and improve access to information.

Cost savings: Scanning records can be expensive, but the cost savings from outsourcing can be significant.

Ease of access: Having scanned records available online makes them easy to find and use.

Security: Outsourcing scanning records can help ensure that information is kept confidential and secure.

Compliance: Outsourcing scanning records can help organizations meet compliance requirements.

Outsourcing scanning records has many beneficial and efficient ways to manage information.

SecurShred is NAID certified and uses the Digitech Systems suite of conversion software to capture and assure clarity, readability, and retrievability of your records. Talk to us on the best plan to keep your documents easy to access internally, yet secured for your sensitive data protection.