Tax Time: Is YOUR Data Secure?

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Tax records are essential documents for any individual or organization. It is important to store these records securely, as they contain sensitive information that can be easily exploited if not properly safeguarded. Understanding the best practices for tax record storage is key to protecting confidential data from theft and abuse. 

These documents contain sensitive information such as social security numbers, financial details, and other personal data. Hackers can easily access poorly-secured tax records to steal identities, commit fraud, or engage in other illegal activities.

One way to ensure the safety of tax records is by storing them safely on a secure server or cloud-based platform with strong encryption protocols. This method ensures that only authorized persons can access the information while protecting it from cyber threats.

Another way to protect tax records is by creating backup copies and storing them separately from the originals. This ensures that even if the original files are compromised or lost due to unforeseen circumstances, there is always a backup copy available for retrieval. At SecurShred, we offer several ways to protect your sensitive documents:

  • Scan – We can scan and store your sensitive documents in our NAID certified storage facility.
  • Secure Vault – SecurShred offers pickup and delivery service of files and tapes. (in certain areas) 
  • Paper Records Storage – Store your paper documents in our fire-resistant storage facility to protect your documents.

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to store tax records securely due to their sensitive nature. Talk to us at SecurShred to find the best solution for secure records storage.