The Great Pizza Box Avalanche

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Thankfully, last year paper recycling stayed strong in the US according to the American Forest and Paper Association with 94% of Americans either recycling curbside or using drop-off. One of the runaway winners of recycling? Pizza boxes. Not a researching stretch to figure out, considering the pandemic kept most of us in and dialing for pizza deliveries has never been easier. 

Top Paper Products Recycled in 2021

The challenges of COVID impacted recycling with heavy recycling of food packaging from fast foods including pizza. Here’s a snapshot  of what we saw in 2021:

  • Foodservice packaging: 13%
  • Paper cups: 9%
  • Paperboard with plastic: 60%
  • Paperboard without plastic: 91%
  • Pizza boxes: 82%

What caused the uptick?

More families working from home, ordering take-out instead of risking trips to the grocery store during the pandemic point to the uptick in food service packaging. 

Are businesses reusing their own recycled paper?

As more employees worked from home in 2021, paper use in the office dropped. However, the strain of shipping shortages has definitely pushed businesses to look at all manner of operation – including streamlining paper usage (and re-usage.)

The Power of 3 – Reusing Your OWN Recycled Paper

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