Are You Ready for a Data Breach?

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How Many is Too Many?  

Escalating concerns over HIPAA Compliance and other data breaches have companies and medical facilities scrambling for an effective plan-of-action. California requires medical facilities must report a data breach of 500 to the Department of Justice as part of their HIPAA compliance rules.  Are you ready for a data breach?

How to Set Up for Success

  1. Off-Site – Keep your sensitive records secured in an off-site facility.
  2. Fire-Resistant – Make sure your records are stored in a fire-resistant unit.
  3. Access Restricted – Only security-level employees are allowed on-site.
  4. Bar Codes – All media is identified through unique bar codes.

Solution? Secure Vault

SecurShred offers our secure, NAID-certified, off-site security vault protecting your sensitive data with up-to-date security protocols including all of the above plus:

  • Chain-of-custody documented entry logs
  • Climate controlled environment
  • Facility is monitored by closed circuit televisions, motion sensors and security alarms
  • Employees have cleared thorough background checks

Next Steps:

Call SecurShred at 877-863-3003 to schedule a time to review some solutions that would be the perfect fit for your sensitive data. Visit our website to learn more about our Secur Vault.