Why Now is a GREAT Time to Scan Documents

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If you handle sensitive data for financial, medical or legal services, you know the paper trail can land in sky-high filing cabinets or slow your hard drive to a crawl. Stay in compliance and keep your records safe and organized affordably.


Why Scan Your Documents?

Compliance – HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other laws make it mandatory to store your records securely. What happens if your laptop is lost, stolen, or your cloud storage compromised? You can trust our NAID-certified facility to store your records safely and keep you in compliance.

Convenience – We at SecurShred uses the Digitech Systems suite of conversion software to capture and assure clarity, readability, and retrievability of your records.

Where Do I Start?

We hear this A LOT! Yes, it’s time-consuming, but once you have a system in place, it’s easy to track your documents and keep your customers’ trust in your business. 

SecurShred offers a full cycle Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution for your business, from planning and preparation of the digital transition of your records, to implementing a private online document repository for your documents, and to the secure destruction of paper records. 

Every business – financial services, retail, manufacturing, education, government and others – will benefit from affordable technology that assists in capturing, storing and retrieving information.

What’s Next?

Contact SecurShred at 877-863-3001 to setup a time to discuss the needs of your company and how we can put a plan in place to give you peace-of-mind.