Forecasting 2023's Cybersecurity Landscape

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Are you ready to stay ahead of the curve in 2023? It’s never too early to start thinking about cyber security predictions for this year. Technology is always changing, and with it new threats will arise. However, if you can anticipate what’s coming, you’ll be way ahead of the competition. Here are some of our top cyber security predictions for 2023:

Password Management: Using a password management system improves keeping your passwords secure, but like everything else, it’s not guaranteed. Even LastPass suffered a security breach in August of last year . Gone are the days of using your dog’s name and birthdate for your master password. Allowing these systems to utilize advanced encryption technology and multi-factor authentication processes improves your layer of security.

Data Records Storage:  The global data storage market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 26% between 2021 and 2026. The major drivers of the industry, such as increasing digitization and subsequent applications in various end use industries and improvements in technologies, are expected to aid the market growth.

SecurShred, Vermont’s first AAA NAID Certified company offers our Secure Vault Storage option. Located in a secure, off site location and equipped with fire resistant walls and ceilings, the vault ensures that stored data will be kept safe from natural disasters or other external threats. SecurShred’s Secure Vault is also protected by 24/7 surveillance and access control systems. The facility also utilizes cutting-edge encryption technology to further safeguard data against unauthorized access or malicious intent.

Media is secured within a locked container and is transported to and from customer locations in climate controlled vehicles providing ease of offsite data storage and access within 24 hours of request. For more information on this service, please call 802.863.3003